Valtteri Bottas says Williams can expect to be 'more equal' with Ferrari in the cooler conditions of the Chinese Grand Prix after being comprehensively out-performed in Malaysia.

Ferrari's win in Malaysia has seen the team forge ahead of Williams in the battle for 'best of the rest' behind Mercedes, though many observers contend that its success at Sepang was primarily down to an ability to manage tyre temperatures in exceedingly hot conditions.

With the third round in Shanghai set to see considerably cooler weather, Bottas believes Williams will be better matched with Ferrari despite its massive advantage in Malaysia.

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"For sure they made a really big step with the engine but also with the car. I think in Malaysia the way they could manage the tyre temps I think was the main thing really. I think they were pretty special how they could do that, just to keep doing the same pace for such long stints.

"We obviously have some work to do on that side, but here should be more equal to them with these conditions."

Identifying 'driveability' as an area where Williams must improve the FW37, Bottas adds that it is an issue that is seemingly affecting all Mercedes-powered cars in some way.

"We are still working on the drivability," he said. "It's still not quite as good as maybe the end of last year, but we are still improving every time we go out basically. Trying some different things here, hopefully it will be nice and smooth."

"I've heard that also other Mercedes teams have had similar issues. I would think that all the information is shared, normally that should be the case so I don't think anyone is really a big step forward with the same engine."