Nico Rosberg feels a decision to persevere with a three-stop strategy in the Malaysian Grand Prix potentially cost him a shot at fighting for victory.

The German finished third behind race winner Sebastian Vettel - who only stopped twice - and Mercedes team-mate Lewis Hamilton, who also stopped three times in a race characterised by exceedingly hot conditions.

Indeed, though Rosberg says he can understand why a three-stop strategy was maintained as per what was agreed before the race, he feels it ultimately prevented him from mounting a challenge for the win.

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"If the race was tomorrow we would do exactly the same things all over again, because we had planned to do those and we would do them again," he said. "Now in hindsight you see things didn't go perfectly so yes, you have more information afterwards and you would not do that again, you would make some changes.

"Most of all it was the second car that was most compromised with that strategy, which was me. I lost a lot of time as a result and keeping me out could have put me in with a shot to fight for the win as well.

"So that would have been something that maybe in hindsight we would change, probably, but hindsight is always easy and we didn't have the best weekend after all. We just need to try and do better in the future."

Pushed on whether he believes Mercedes should adopt split strategies to maximise its chances in those situations, Rosberg points at last year's Hungarian Grand Prix as an example of where that occurred, saying such a move can go either way.

"You're not going to purposely give the second guy the better strategy," he continued. "You're going to give the first guy the better strategy, but it might turn out that eventually the guy that was behind got the better strategy. Tough luck."