Sebastian Vettel says he has no qualms about comments made by F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone suggesting that he was not the best ambassador for the sport during his title-winning years, insisting he is simply happy with his own achievements.

Vettel's unexpected win for Ferrari in the Malaysian Grand Prix led to Niki Lauda to call out Ecclestone for comments he made regarding the four-time world champion, suggesting he wasn't a strong representative for the sport.

However, when Vettel was pressed on the subject, he dismissed the criticism, maintaining only his own opinion matters to him.

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"I think he's free to say what he wants so it's fine. For me, I'm very happy with what I have achieved so far and looking forward to what might be coming and that's it."

Sitting alongside him in the press conference, Jenson Button chimed in to suggest Ecclestone's criticism stems from Vettel's refusal to set up a Twitter account, prompting the German to joke back that the F1 chief's similar reticence to social media means he cannot possibly pass judgement.

Button: Maybe it's because you're not on Twitter.
Vettel: Yeah, is Bernie on Twitter then? I don't know.
Button: I didn't think he was into that social media stuff.
Vettel: Wonder how he knows, then?