Lewis Hamilton has hailed his victory in the Chinese Grand Prix as the perfect riposte to being beaten by Ferrari in Malaysia two weeks ago.

The Briton led from start to finish in Shanghai, controlling the pace at the front of the field - to the anger of Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg - to claim his second win of the still-young 2015 season and extend his championship lead over Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel to 13 points. Having been out-gunned and out-thought by the Scuderia in Malaysia, a comfortable victory was the best way to respond, according to the Briton.

"The team did a great job to come back from the last race where we kinda struggled a little bit and, to come here and up our pace and improve, it's all down to the guys here and the guys back at the factory," he said, "I'm massively proud and happy that we got the job done here today."

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Hamilton's victory, he said, was built on the foundation of a perfect weekend, where he topped every session bar Q1 on Saturday.

"It was great to have a smooth weekend, through all the sessions, dialling in the car and today was the effect of putting the car in the place that I wanted it," he confirmed, "It was really just about controlling the gap between myself and Nico and saving the tyres for when I needed to use them. I had a lot left in my tyres at the end there and was looking forward to eking out a gap - but, unfortunately, the safety car came out..."

Admitting that finishing the race under yellows was anti-climactic, Hamilton confirmed that he never felt threatened during the 56 laps.

"It was a great race - I'm really happy," he confirmed, "We thought it would be a lot closer as we knew that the Ferraris were good with their long-run pace and also looking after their tyres, so the real goal was to manage the tyres and my goal was to look after my car.

"I had no real threat from Nico through the whole of the race, so I just managed it - and got to really enjoy it. The real fun laps were the laps before the pit-stop, which I really enjoyed, and ultimately it was a much smoother weekend than we had at the last race. I'm really happy - and kind of excited."