Mercedes motorsport boss Toto Wolff has dismissed the notion that Lewis Hamilton intentionally slowed during the Chinese Grand Prix to back Nico Rosberg into Sebastian Vettel.

Rosberg launched a scathing attack on Hamilton during the post-race press conference, suggesting the Englishman wasn't pushing hard enough during the second stint, thus putting him under unnecessary pressure from the close-following Ferrari's Vettel.

It was a suggestion that Hamilton flatly rejected, saying he was only interested in concentrating on his own race, with Rosberg retorting that team-mate's actions served to compromise his race as he struggled to make his front tyres last in the dirty air.

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However, Wolff says the pair were more collaborative during the debrief once it was clear that Hamilton didn't intentionally try to force Rosberg into the clutches of Vettel.

"It was a good debrief," he said. "There wasn't any animosity, we took it offline. It was much more positive, we didn't make any mistakes in the race - and I know what you want to hear - but generally everybody was in good spirits.

"Lewis didn't do it on purpose, and we've cleared that now. There wasn't any intention from Lewis to slow Nico down in order to make him finish third or worse - 100 per cent.

"He didn't know the gaps behind Nico. What he knew was we needed to run that tyre longer than we had done all weekend, and this is why he decided to slow the way he did.

"After a while we realised as a team this was putting us into trouble, putting Nico into trouble, risking the second place or worse.

"If Lewis had had a DNF we could have lost the race, so there were lots of thoughts on the pit-wall about the possible consequences, and he didn't know that. You can't really blame anybody."


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If things don't improve at McLaren soon Alonso might also need some watching.....

Are you a Hamilton die hard fan or just hate Alonso so much... cause I dont see why Alonso should be dragged on this subject.. And Btw Mclaren is showing good progress if not giant leap, both cars finished and their corner speed is good but its clear they are still having problems on low revs, its noticable by hearing the car accelearate and in comparisson, Mclaren had much better weekend than Redbull or Torro Rosso...