Renault says it will not start spending its available 'tokens' to upgrade its power unit in the wake of a poor start to the 2015 Formula 1 season, saying it will remain steadfast in following its long-term development curve.

The French firm is coming under increasing pressure from primary customer Red Bull over performance, driveability and reliability issues, problems that have seen the former title-winning team struggle over the opening three rounds.

Having fallen behind both Mercedes and now also Ferrari in terms of performance, Renault nonetheless came into 2015 with more development 'tokens' still to apply to its power units, with 12 available compared with Ferrari's 10 and Mercedes' 9.

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Despite this, Renault managing director Cyril Abiteboul isn't allowing the increasing deficit to its rivals trigger a change in strategy over the way it uses those tokens,

"There is a plan for the way we use the tokens," he insists. "Engine technology is not something you can influence like that on a Sunday evening, so we need to take into account what is happening on Sunday and then inject it into our development strategy, but there was already a plan on the way we were using the tokens.

"Obviously there is an appetite to be able to come up with a new specification with more power, because we see we are down on power and we see we are down on reliability. So we just increase our appetite to do it.

"Can it increase the speed at which we do it? We are not quite sure, because the engine plan is a long-term plan and we are not going to fix the issues we have had in 18 months or so just because we had a bad race.

"There is a plan to use all of them this year as quickly as possible, but we must not rush into something that is not the most efficient in terms of token