Ferrari team principal has flatly dismissed the idea of banning wind tunnel development in Formula 1, saying there is no benefit from removing an element with significant relevance to road car production.

The subject of wind tunnels has been raised in the early rounds of the 2015 F1 season after Red Bull's Christian Horner proposed a ban in an effort to reduce costs, a stance that has drawn a lukewarm response from rival team principals.

Indeed, while many believe removing wind tunnels would actually increase costs across the board, Arrivabene says it 'doesn't make sense' if F1 wants to reflect itself as a pioneer of technology in the motor industry.

"I think, quite simply, that it is a stupid idea! If you buy a production car, smaller or bigger, it is developed somehow in a wind tunnel. If somebody here wants to say that F1 is the pinnacle of motorsport, by taking away the wind tunnel we are not saving, at the end of the story, a lot of money.

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"The challenge for the engineers could be, like the Flintstones, to have a big stone and start to construct a car! It doesn't make sense in my opinion... We have other problems to save money other than the wind tunnel I think!"