Toto Wolff says Mercedes will continue to let its drivers Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg race one another, so long as they continue to prioritise the team, following their spat during the Chinese Grand Prix.

A visibly irate Rosberg accused Hamilton of playing tactics of backing him into the following Sebastian Vettel during the Chinese Grand Prix, an assertion the defending champion - who led the race from start-to-finish - bluntly shrugged off.

Since then, Rosberg has attempted to play down the feud and vowed to do his talking on track going forward, while Wolff insists any lingering issues from the race have now been stamped out ahead of the Bahrain Grand Prix.

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"We saw tensions between Nico and Lewis in the race and we tackled them directly on Sunday night to stop anything carrying over to this weekend," he said. "When you have intense competition, it's normal that it causes emotions to run high - and that's not something we want to change.

Indeed, though Hamilton and Rosberg are no strangers to 'war of words' following their tumultuous title battle in 2014, Wolff says he is happy to see his drivers racing each other for glory, so long as it doesn't ultimately cost Mercedes as a team.

"Both drivers are now very focused on delivering maximum performance in Bahrain and our package should cope well with the demands of the circuit. We maintain our philosophy of letting the drivers race - but they both know that the number one priority for the team is to win for Mercedes-Benz."


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there's a lot of talk about team orders about Merc / LH / Nico but I never see or have seen this amount of complaint when it applies to current or previous driver partnerships ...... does everyone look the other way ?

richard: its an odd comment given their history. if there were no team orders, then why did they tell lulu to pll his finger out, other than to maintain the status quo of lulu first and nico second?
I don't suppose it was because LH was controlling his own race but when Merc realised that Vettel could get to Nico they advised LH to get his lap times down ?!!! seems to me it was a status quo, Nico couldn't get close without wrecking his tyres and Vettel said the same thing .... or am I being to logical ?