Sebastian Vettel says he is comfortable driving the Ferrari in all conditions, playing down the assertion that he can only win in 'extreme' temperatures.

The German clinched a surprise victory over Mercedes in the Malaysian Grand Prix, a race characterised by particularly searing track temperatures.

Revealing the Ferrari's ability to protect its rear tyres, particularly compared with the Mercedes', this strength has raised hopes that it could produce a repeat performance in events known for higher-than-average temperatures.

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Formerly regarded as the hottest race on the schedule before a switch to a more ambient night-time schedule, Vettel doesn't regret the change of format, insisting the car works well in any conditions regardless.

"The only problem is the sun goes before we start racing, otherwise it would be significantly hotter," he said. "I don't expect it to be that hot. Obviously Malaysia was extreme, but Malaysia is always extreme.

"For here I expect to be in a good position. So far this year, no matter the conditions, the ambient temperature, track temperature, I've always felt comfortable in the car. It seems to work in all sorts of conditions - dry or wet, hot or cold - so we should be in reasonable shape.

"We still need to confirm, it's still early, so that's the most important thing, that we are right behind Mercedes, and ideally a little bit closer every time."