Red Bull Racing's Daniil Kvyat will be looking to "turn it around" in Bahrain this weekend after a troubled start to the season.

Kvyat had to retire early on in China last Sunday when his car caught fire, parking his RB11 with smoke pouring from the back of it. It was his second no score from three races after he couldn't even start in Australia.

"For me as a racing driver, I haven't had a weekend where things have gone really well and we have extracted the most from the situation," he said on Thursday. "I can't say that weekend has come yet, so we are looking for a weekend that is clean, where everything has been put together like a puzzle and then once we have this weekend, we will move onto the next one. We have had three difficult race weekends and now we are looking to turn it around in our favour."

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"We are fighters," he added. "We are a racing team that wants to win so we keep our mind open for the strong mind-set.

"Whenever could be a turning point so we will just keep doing the maximum and the best from our side."

He also insisted he has no regrets about moving from Toro Rosso, even though the Red Bull's junior team has had a better start to F1 2015.

"They have done a really good job. I knew the team had great potential from working with them last year, but we will move forward. I don't look at these things, I have my challenge here and it looks promising to me," he maintained.

"We didn't plan to be where we are now, but sometimes it is good to get a bit of a challenge. Some races open our eyes to issues to address and we now have no choice but to work hard and sort them out. I see the team is doing everything from their side and I am doing everything from my side.

"There are teams like Mercedes and Ferrari [that] are [of course] a step ahead, but we need to keep our mind open knowing where the reference is and we know we can catch up. There is a big challenge ahead and plenty of ground to make up, but hopefully we will make it one day."

So can Red Bull win a race this year?

"I have no idea," admitted the 20-year-old. "I don't think this is something we are thinking about now. We are doing our best work and what comes, comes."

Meanwhile, Kvyat said he is not fazed by having Daniel Ricciardo as his team-mate, even though the Australian has done better so far this season.

"I'm finding it quite normal [having him as a team-mate]. In terms of my track work I don't care who my team-mate is. I just do my job independently. So far we can't compare to each other, either, because we haven't had a clean weekend," he stated. "Everything looks fine to me [though] and it is always good to have that reference because he won three races [last year] and proved himself as a very strong driver. I am just doing my own job at the moment."