Will Stevens believes Manor made a "big step" forwards last time out and that team will only get better as the season goes on.

Stevens and team-mate Roberto Merhi both managed to get to the chequered flag in China and for Stevens it was his first race of the year after not starting in either Australia or Malaysia due to problems.

"As you said, China was the first race that I did personally this year - but as far as the weekend went, I think it was a big step forwards for the team," Stevens remarked on Thursday ahead of this weekend's Bahrain Grand Prix. "I think it was good to get both cars to the finish for the first time this year. As the weekend went, it ran pretty smoothly.

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"I think, looking forward to this weekend, obviously we want to finish the race with both cars again. Every time I get back in the car, especially for me, [after] missing Malaysia, I'm getting more and more comfortable.

"I think the pace that I showed in China was pretty strong. We just need to keep moving forward and see where we can get to."

Stevens also underlined why he has belief in Manor, the team having returned from the brink after exiting administration back in February.

"From where we set out, we knew the first few races were going to be difficult. The team, where they finished last year in the Constructors', they're in a different position now to what they were before. So I think, moving forwards for the future, we can only get better.

"I think moving towards the end of this year, hopefully we'll get the new car coming in and then we can really start to make some progress."