Sebastian Vettel maintains it is hard to tell whether Ferrari can challenge Mercedes for Bahrain Grand Prix honours, despite showing eye-catching long run pace in FP2.

The Ferrari driver was six tenths down on the pace setter Mercedes of Nico Rosberg by the end of an FP2 session that saw suffer a brake problem that led to a minor clash with Sergio Perez's Force India.

However, analysis of the lap times would see Ferrari emerge more competitively, with Vettel's lap times proving consistently half a lap faster than Rosberg in race representative trim.

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Though Rosberg described Ferrari's form as 'worrying', Vettel is less convinced by the results, suggesting Mercedes has 'shown everything' yet.

"My fast lap was not perfect, but everything in the car feels good. Of course the night was quite different from this afternoon, as it was much colder. It's hard to say if we got closer to Mercedes, everybody seemed to be closer to them but I'm sure they didn't show everything."