Bernie Ecclestone says the price of any 1000bhp engine supply to customer teams will need to be 'affordable' before it can be introduced.

Earlier this week Ecclestone reiterated his desire to see F1 return to V8 engines with an output of 1000bhp as early as 2017 as a means of improving the show, as well as making F1 more marketable.

However, speaking to journalists ahead of the Bahrain Grand Prix, Ecclestone says he is open to the proposal of upgrading the current V6 hybrid power units to deliver a 1000bhp output, so long as they can be made affordable for customer teams.

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"It is no good talking to these people [teams], they will have to be told," he said. "Sure [I am happy with 1000bhp V6]. Absolutely, but at what price?

"The two things that have to happen, whoever supplies these teams have to supply the same engine they currently use. If it is the current engine, upgraded to 1000bhp, then they need to supply it to the teams at a price the teams can afford."

Though the idea of more powerful engines has had a mixed response in the paddock, Ecclestone is firm in his belief that F1 must 'make the cars more difficult to drive'.

Toto Wolff says talks earlier in the week between teams, Ecclestone and Charlie Whiting have taken place, revealing that upgrading the V6 power units would be 'relatively straightforward'. However, he admitted there will need to be an element of cost control as a result.