Lewis Hamilton says his victory in the Bahrain Grand Prix shows Mercedes is "still the best", although he acknowledged that Ferrari did give them a "real good run for our money".

Hamilton took another lights-to-flag victory under the lights in Sakhir, replicating what he did in Australia and China, and while he had a brake-by-wire system failure on the final lap, he held on to win, beating Kimi Raikkonen by 3.3s.

"Firstly a big thank you to my team they did an amazing job this weekend," Hamilton said on the podium. "The Ferraris gave us a real good run for our money and out there it was really difficult to look after the tyres in these conditions and behind the backmarkers. Fortunately I was able to keep the car together and keep the tyres as healthy as possible and pull it through.

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"But we need to keep pushing as a team, as we will of course do and just a massive thanks to everyone and all the people that came out to support me this weekend.

"I really appreciate it."

Speaking in the post-race press conference and asked if it means more to win having beaten Ferrari rather than winning after an inter-team fight, the 2008 and 2014 F1 World Champion replied: "I think winning is winning, so it doesn't particularly matter who it is against - you are trying to beat everyone out there.

"Naturally it is great to be having a fight with the Ferraris, but today we showed Mercedes is still the best. We are working as hard as we can to keep up this momentum that we have, but they are pushing very, very hard to close up.

"A huge thank you [again] to all the guys at the factory and also the guys that are here because the car was really nice to drive this weekend and I was really able to manage it. Really, really happy and proud of everyone for all the hard work they have put in."

Quizzed on his late brake problem, Hamilton played down the scare: "I think my brakes just got a bit warm when I was behind a few backmarkers," he explained.

"When you are behind there is no cool air coming in onto the brakes, so they got a bit warm, but it wasn't really a problem."

The result now sees Hamilton extend his lead in the Drivers' Championship to 27 points: "I am gunning for it [three titles]," he concluded.