Daniil Kvyat shrugged off the frustration of being forced to retire from last weekend's Chinese Grand Prix by climbing through the field to claim points in Bahrain.

The Russian's task had appeared an onerous one after he fell at the Q1 hurdle for the first time as a Red Bull driver, but he made solid progress in Sunday evening's race to claim ninth place from 17th on the grid.

Kvyat, who has been dogged by engine problems as much as any of the Renault-powered runners in 2015, found himself lining up ahead of only the two Manor-Marussia entries when the race began at twilight, but made a two-stop strategy work in his favour by picking up places in the closing stages and passing Felipe Massa's Williams with four laps to go.

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"It puts a smile on my face - at least we are driving," Kvyat said, "Reliability was good today [for me] and so we finished the race. When you start from [17th], it is already hard [but] at least we recovered and got a couple of points and finished the race.

With both Red Bull drivers now having used three of their four-engine allotment before penalties take effect - team-mate Daniel Ricciardo lost another as he took the chequered flag in Sakhir - reliability is a key focus for the team and its engine supplier.

"It is important that we get this sort of race," Kvyat acknowledged, "They are good to have. It is the second race that I have finished, so there are plenty of things to look at and analyse where we can pick up some pace and some margins for improvement in communication between us. As you know it is a long process...."

There are now three weeks before the first of the European rounds, at Barcelona's Circuit de Catalunya, and Kvyat insists that things are only going to get better for the Red Bull-Renault combination.

"Obviously, we do plan some [upgrades], like many other teams, and hopefully they are going to work well," he commented, "I am confident with the team - it is going to go forwards from now onwards because we have been going backwards. Now I feel the good work is coming."