Mercedes motorsport boss Toto Wolff believes the re-emergence of Ferrari as a force in F1 demonstrates that the sport remains in 'good shape', admitting it is important not to have 'one team running away with the championship'.

Following a year of comprehensive dominance by Mercedes in 2014, though the German marque has started 2015 off in a similarly formidable fashion, it has come under increasing pressure from Ferrari, particularly after Sebastian Vettel's surprise win in Malaysia.

Coming at a time when F1 has attracted criticism for the gulf in performance between its leading teams and has suffered a dip in audience figures, though Ferrari's gains have sparked reactionary measures from Mercedes, Wolff admits he can see the benefits in the context of the sport, rather than just his team's own fortunes.

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"It's important for the commercial rights holder to not have one team running away with the championship and having close battles for the lead because battles for the lead is what is most interesting for the spectators and we had more of that in Bahrain and in Malaysia.

"We tend to be between very lows and very highs and I wouldn't say now everything is solved. We had a good race and I think the sport is in good shape and in Bahrain we saw that. We had two teams fighting with the knife between the teeth for the victory."


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The view will always be different from the top... whatever the sport is. Before it was Ferrari, then Redbull now Mercedes... they have one thing in common, they dominated for a certain period.. I'm sure if Mclaren did the same, if my memory serves me right, it was the Senna and Mika's time when Mclaren did good.. But I don't remember them being an **** about it.