FOM has released a short statement saying the calendar for the 2016 F1 season has been 'leaked', adding that it is 'not yet approved'.

Yesterday [Wednesday], organisers for the Australian Grand Prix went ahead and announced its dates for the 2016 event as April 1-3, in doing so revealing it will be F1's latest starting date since 1988.

The announcement suggested that FOM is keen to condense the schedule, despite potentially increasing the current number of 19 races, in an effort to bolster TV audiences, retain regular interest and cut costs in logistics.

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The FOM has now gone on record to say the calendar has not been 'approved', though the official announcement from the Australian GP suggests the April curtain raiser still stands.

"It would appear that the proposed 2016 calendar has been leaked," the statement reads. "This calendar has not yet been approved."

As it stands, Azerbaijan will be added to the schedule in 2016, while Germany - which still has a contract for 2016 despite being dropped for 2015 - stands to return potentially, though it and the Italian Grand Prix remain under threat.