Sauber has aired its support for Max Mosley's proposal that F1 should introduce an optional cost cap that would subsequently allow a greater freedom in terms of technical regulations.

The former FIA President has been a vocal supporter of introducing a cost cap in F1 to help control funds, but previous proposals have been repeatedly rejected as big budget outfits and smaller, privateer teams fail to agree on the exact terms.

As such, Mosley has raised an idea of a cost cap that teams could opt into. In return to accepting financial restrictions, teams will be given the opportunity to make up the difference by receiving freedom in terms of designing its cars.

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It is a proposal that is designed to give smaller teams, namely Force India, Lotus, Sauber and Manor, an opportunity to get on terms with manufacturer-supported teams a different way without over-spending.

Mosley's idea has already won the 'full support' of Sauber, which has long campaigned for greater control on spending in the wake of regulation changes.

A meeting of the F1 strategy group that is expected to determine the future direction of the sport, will take place next month.

Bernie Ecclestone's proposal of increasing power output to 1000bhp - in an effort to improve the spectacle - is set to be one of the major proposals to be discussed, though small teams are concerned it will ramp up power unit supply costs further.