Romain Grosjean says he is aiming for the Williams and Red Bulls at the Spanish Grand Prix and feels his Lotus E23's upgrades will help him close the gap in performance.

The French driver has enjoyed back-to-back seventh places in the past two Grand Prixs - which represent stronger finishes than his entire 2014 campaign - and feels Lotus are in a positive position to bridge the difference between themselves and the likes of Williams and Red Bull this weekend.

"It should be a good weekend for us," Grosjean said. "Baseline set up should be straightforward then hopefully we can fine tune and get the new parts working well to get a bit closer to the Williams.

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"Unfortunately for us Ferrari made a big step forward this year and with Mercedes they are a big step ahead of everyone else.

"We probably can try to challenge the Williams and try to challenge the Red Bull but they are going to improve at some stage. From day one we knew our car was between P7 and P10 in qualifying and probably better in the race."

While Grosjean is upbeat about his squad's E23 Hybrid updates he feels making the Pirelli tyres work for the car is something he needs to get right before any significant improvements in performance.

"The nice thing is the car is behaving in the same way at very different race tracks which shows us if we get those developments right it will be a very good step forward," he added.

"The window [of performance] with the tyres is quite small. If you don't have the downforce that means you slide them and you don't get the grip. It is a lot of fine tuning.

"Williams are a good example because sometimes on Friday they are nowhere near where they should be. A lot of energy is focused on getting it right."