McLaren-Honda's Fernando Alonso says he has "no concerns" whatsoever about returning to the scene of his pre-season crash this weekend.

Alonso, who ultimately had to miss the opening round of F1 2015 as a result of his accident at the Circuit de Catalunya in February, added that he will go into his home event with "full confidence" and "full motivation".

"No concerns," Alonso told reporters on Thursday in the countdown to the Spanish Grand Prix and the first European race of the year.

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"Obviously that accident happened three months ago and unfortunately it was a little bit longer to recover and the impact was a little bit unlucky and it put me one month out of the car. But [I am] coming here with full confidence and full motivation to do well and to perform and deliver a good result in front of the home crowd."

Alonso did reveal, however, that he plans to take the hospital staff out for dinner to say thank-you for the care he received.

"I think the week that I was in the hospital, I had the best staff that I could imagine in the hospital and they were so kind with me. I plan to have dinner with them, probably on Sunday," he confirmed.

"I stay here on Monday for one event with the sponsors, so Sunday night [with] all the stress and the race passed, I will be more in a quiet place on Sunday and then I will probably have dinner with all of them."

Meanwhile, Alonso is realistic about the progress McLaren Honda will have made in the three weeks since the last race.

Asked if the team can begin a more competitive chapter here, he replied: "Let's hope so. In Bahrain we had a nice step and it brought us closer to the Q3 cut off and also to the points and yeah, we need another small step to reach that goal.

"Obviously it is not what we want. We want to be on the podium and to win races, but one step at a time. Hopefully here in Barcelona we can see this step.

"We need to see also what the others have brought here to this race. Obviously it is the first European grand prix, which normally everyone brings some good updates, as we do as well. It is just a matter of which one has made the step a little bit bigger."