Lewis Hamilton says a personal determination to bring innovative set-ups and driving styles into F1 means he loves the sport more now than he has done in the past.

The defending champion has earned a reputation for his flamboyant and aggressive driving style, an approach that he says he has had the opportunity to hone now he has such an accomplished package beneath him.

Indeed, despite Mercedes' advantage over the competition in the last couple of seasons, he says he won't allow himself to become complacent and is always looking for new ways to get the better of his rivals.

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"I feel very happy with how it [season so far] has gone," he said. "I left the last race thinking it has been a great couple of weeks. When you have a year like last year, to continue with it is not easy, but so far it has been better than last year.

"I am by no means in the clear, we have a long way to go and I know others are working very hard to close that gap so I need to stay on my toes, really continue to be innovative with the things I do on track and with my engineers to extract the most possible."

Pushed to build on his claim of being innovative, Hamilton says he has been keen to try different techniques - especially during racing - to get the better of his rivals.

"We arrive at the track every weekend and do the same thing, so it is trying to be innovative with the set-up, trying new things, new approaches, different techniques, all those different things - rather than do the same thing all the time I have been trying to put new things in the mix.

"When it's driving against competitors it is not using the same patterns, it is coming out with new, fun, exciting ways of getting around the corner, or attacking a driver, which is what I love and is probably why I love the sport more now than I have in the past."