Nico Rosberg reckons he just needs to "put it altogether" and "maximise" his weekend if he is to get the better of Mercedes team-mate Lewis Hamilton.

Rosberg has yet to beat Hamilton this season and goes into the Spanish Grand Prix 27 points behind in the drivers' standings.

Quizzed on his failure to take the fight to Hamilton, the German replied: "It is just a matter of maximising the weekend. It has not really come together up to now. There have been parts that have gone well, but then other parts not so well. I just need to put it altogether and of course I will try and start to do that from here onwards."

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Pressed on what the problem is and asked if he has just got slower and Hamilton has just got faster, Nico added: "Thank-you very much for your kind question! I don't think it is something to generalise or anything as such. Of course the results speak for themselves, it is pretty clear... that's it.

"For me it is Barcelona [now] and it is a race on its own and I come here after a personal boost from Bahrain. It felt like a good race there. I felt comfortable in the car and of course it is enjoyable to attack like that and pass the red cars. For sure it has given me a boost now coming here and I just want to optimise this weekend. That is it. I am not thinking much more than that."

Meanwhile, Rosberg added that he expects the battle with Ferrari to remain tight.

"We expect it to be similar to the last couple of races. We still hope to be in front in qualifying and in the race it is going to be very close. I think it is going to continue," he confirmed. "Of course here everybody has brought some updates, so that might shuffle things around a little bit. But the general trend is probably going to stay very similar."