Toro Rosso's Carlos Sainz is convinced the team has a chance to score more points this weekend in Barcelona.

Sainz is eager to make his maiden home Formula 1 Grand Prix a race he will never forget and is confident the Circuit de Catalunya will suit the Renault-powered STR10, even though historically it hasn't been a great circuit for Toro Rosso over the last ten years - the team never having had a top-ten in qualifying and only two tenth place finishes.

"Well, I didn't know that, that's something new," said Sainz, who so far this season from four races has scored points twice, with a ninth in Australia and an eighth in Malaysia.

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"[But] we know it's a track that should suit our car fairly well considering that there is a bit less straight, more fast, flowing corners, fourth-gear corners, where you need the downforce. We know we have the downforce, we just need to make it work. We need to make the car balance correctly. Probably in Bahrain we didn't get it right, so well.

"Here we are bringing our upgrades as every other team. But yeah, the season will develop and big teams like McLaren and Red Bull they will start cutting back and going to the places they are supposed to be and it will become difficult. For us it's now about using every chance we have and I am confident that here in Barcelona we can have one with this track layout," he confirmed.

Meanwhile, he reiterated just how special it will be for him to race on home soil in an F1 car and that the chance is very much a dream come true.

"Well, it will always be a very special weekend for me and a very special race to remember," he explained. "I remember being here 10 years ago for my first grand prix when I came to watch, getting into these huge hospitalities, meeting some important people, meeting my idol here on my left, Fernando [Alonso], for the first time, when he was in Renault.

"That was a big shock for me and an amazing experience and probably thanks to that it's where I take the decision that I really wanted to be a Formula One driver one day.

"I really wanted to make this dream come true and 10 years later here I am achieving this dream and having my first chance in my home grand prix."