Daniel Ricciardo says he expects Red Bull to be challenging Williams and getting 'closer' to Ferrari in the Spanish Grand Prix on the back of its performance upgrades, even if he says the Renault must be cautious with its power unit.

The Australian comes into the fifth round of the season already onto his fourth Renault power unit following a spate of reliability issues during the first portion of 2015.

Though he admits measures have been taken to ensure the current power unit last as long as possible before another failure lands Ricciardo a penalty, he is more positive about the introduction of upgrades by Red Bull itself.

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"We have a few aero parts, which should help us," he said. "These are things we have tried to push through as soon as possible. The time since Bahrain has given us more time to get it on the car in the right way, so it should work well here. Everyone has some parts, but we feel this is the biggest step we should make since Melbourne.

"It should give more downforce. It is hardtop quantify how much but the basic thing is more downforce, so more grip on the front."

Indeed, Ricciardo has lofty hopes for the upgrades, saying it should return Red Bull into a fight with Williams and possibly get within range of Ferrari.

"I don't want to get too excited but I think this weekend has the potential to put us back in that fight, at least with Williams, and get us closer to Ferrari. The aero gains we should make should definitely put us closer, but it depends what the other guys have done. Curing some of the balance issues we have had, these updates sound promising."