Red Bull Racing's Daniel Ricciardo says he is hoping to get two more races out of his Renault power unit as he prepares to start the Spanish Grand Prix with his fourth engine of 2015.

A spectacular blow-out at the end of the Bahrain Grand Prix signalled the demise of Ricciardo's third engine already this season, leaving him with just one more allocated power unit before he must take a penalty.

Indeed, though the Australian says Renault has now switched its focus from enhancing the power unit's performance to ensuring it reaches the end of its races, he admits he would be content to at least get to the end of the Spanish and Monaco events with no more dramas.

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"We have the fourth this weekend and I would like to here and Monaco and then I think after Monaco we need to assess the programme, but hopefully we can do the next few races. We have to look short-term and I think here and Monaco is a priority for us.

"Renault keeps working and try and find what they can. Obviously for us, performance is one thing, reliability is another thing and that is the first thing we need to try and address. We want to try and get more pace but I think reliability for now is [important]. They have taken some steps to try and get some more mileage out of these engines and postpone our penalty as long as possible.

"I think for now the performance side is perhaps not going full steam ahead because of the reliability issues. I think the main stuff we are trying to resolve this weekend is reliability. With the fourth engine we need to get this as far as it can go. That extra half-tenth performance we will have to put aside until we are 100 per cent sure with what is happening with reliability."