Pastor Maldonado says he is hoping to not only be able to score points consistently from now on, but to be able to have "good races where we can fight for something more".

Maldonado has yet to score this season with three straight retirements - not all his fault it should be noted - followed by a fraught 15th in Bahrain last time out, a finish blighted by a poor qualifying effort.

Despite that though, the Venezuelan has insisted he is not feeling under extra pressure to open his account this weekend in Spain.

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"There is always pressure in F1," he said. "I think on my side I cannot live without any pressure. It is part of a Formula One driver's life. It has not been the greatest start to the season for me and for the team, even if we have the potential, because for many reasons we have not been able to complete the result.

"But on the other-hand we have a good car, which can permit us to recover if the weekend is clean. Hopefully from this point we can be in the points consistently and I am looking forward to not only having race points, even good races where we can fight for something more than a few points.

"There is no extra pressure. There is [just] the standard pressure we always have."

Maldonado took his maiden - and thus far only - victory at Barcelona back in 2012 with Williams and he believes Lotus is now closing up on his former team.

But can it all come good for him this weekend?

"Hopefully, yeah," he added. "It is difficult to accept, but for sure, as I said, it has not been the best beginning of the season for many, many reasons, but sometimes the races are like that. You need to accept and get the head down and work hard.

"We have good potential, maybe not the most competitive car in the paddock, but it is a big step forward from what we saw last year and that is due to intense work we have done.

"We have been trying to improve... and now I think for all of us it is quite clear that we are behind Williams at the moment. That last race we closed maybe a little bit the gap against Williams, but hopefully in this race we can continue in that way and get closer and closer.

"I think the car has good potential - it is still not 100% [that we are getting] from the package, from the car, but it has good potential and I am quite happy to see from the first day of the car to this day how the car has been growing up and we are looking forward to starting our season in terms of points and trying to do good races and just enjoy working with the team."