Kimi Raikkonen has admitted "nothing seems to make much sense" after he finished up a lowly seventh on the grid for the Spanish Grand Prix.

After struggling on Friday, Raikkonen switched back to the Ferrari's older package today, but was unable to make much headway. He was also further hampered in Q3 after losing a set of the medium tyres when the blankets overheated and burnt them up.

"We changed the car overnight and went back to the old package because Friday was a difficult day. We wanted to make sure the new package works as it should do. The car felt very good in the morning [in P3] then in qualifying on the last set it was just poor grip and a bad lap," Raikkonen lamented.

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"We had one set of new tyres we would probably have used in the last qualifying [as well] but for some freak reason they got burnt in the blankets and destroyed. It is one of those things. It has been a difficult few days. We kept changing things, but nothing seems to make much sense."

In the end Raikkonen finished up almost a second off team-mate Sebastian Vettel in third, prompting the question why he had ditched the new parts.

"It was my decision, plus the teams," he confirmed. "Obviously we knew that there was a risk and it might be difficult, but I don't think the result would have been as bad had I not gone slower in the last qualifying. We wanted to make sure and learn and I was prepared to take the risk and see what happens. I thought it was okay until that point.

"I think the end result is not really the true picture because of whatever happened in Q3, but we learn from those things and that is why I was prepared to take the chance. The end result now is not looking so pretty but it is still not a disaster."

Looking to the race, Raikkonen believes he should still be able to do quite well, despite having to starting from the fourth row.

"It doesn't make our life easy for tomorrow," he added. "Okay maybe here it should be easier to overtake, but you always put yourself in with more chances of something going wrong in the first few corners when you are more in the middle of the pack.

"We will just go forward and do the best we can - it is a long race and we should have the speed to do pretty well. I think we can still get a good race out of it. It is not the end of the life, but I'd rather take better positions from qualifying than this. Obviously it has been a tricky few days, but it is not the first time for me, but as I say, it's a long race."