Lewis Hamilton says it is up to him to make the most of the strategy he is given should he lose out on the chance to optimise his chances in the Spanish Grand Prix.

With both drivers proving fairly closely-matched since the start of 2014, Mercedes has opted for a method of allowing the lead car to receive 'optimal strategy', a move that has irked Rosberg in recent races after it placed him under pressure from the increasingly close Ferraris.

However, with Hamilton starting behind Rosberg for the Spanish Grand Prix, the Briton could well find himself in the firing line if he doesn't get the better of his team-mate in the opening stages. Nonetheless, he is unconcerned by the any potential issues, insisting it is up to him as a racer to make the best of what he is dealt.

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"There is no real policy, it is the same as last year," he said. "We are free to race and the strategy is the guy in front gets the optimal strategy and the guy behind gets a slightly different one. It is generally always the same so it is down to you to utilise it and make up for the disadvantage of being behind."

Hamilton will start second alongside pole man Rosberg after losing out to the German in qualifying for the first time this season.