Jenson Button has called on McLaren to discover why he experienced the 'scariest' 30 laps of his career as he battled to bring his car home in the Spanish Grand Prix.

The Englishman slipped from his 14th place starting position to finish a distant 16th in a race characterised by a lack of rear grip at both low and high speed.

Spending much of his race on the team radio attempting to rectify the issue, Button says the car would 'snap' suddenly in the high-speed turns, yet would also get wheel-spin when coming out of the slower corners, an experience the former champion found alarming.

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"It was pretty scary to drive," he said. "Touch the throttle, it just snapped. I am sure there is something wrong there. In the low speed corners it is slow because you accelerate and get wheel-spin immediately, but in high-speed it is very scary. As soon as you touch the power, it's gone, the rear-end and it snaps immediately. It is not a gradual snap, it is very weird.

"I was talking to the team for most of the race trying to sort out what it was and we were making a massive amount of switch changes, so it got a bit better in the end, but it was pretty tough."

Finishing well down on his target of scoring points, Button says that he isn't convinced McLaren will even score points in 2015 if the car doesn't improve.

"After today I don't think I expect points at all this year! Today was an off day, it didn't feel right. The weekend has been reasonably good for us and I am happy with how the car has been, but it was like flicking a switch in the race.

"It is not a balance issue because I had understeer in the car too, so we have to look at it. The first 30 laps were the scariest of my life."