Carlos Sainz will keep his ninth place finish in the Spanish Grand Prix despite coming to blows with Red Bull stablemate Daniil Kvyat on the final lap.

The Spaniard attempted to pass around the outside of the first turn and made contact with the Red Bull as they entered the bend, Sainz snatching the position even though he ran wide and onto the run-off area.

With both drivers summoned to the stewards' office, it was determined that the clash itself was a racing incident, while Sainz was cleared of passing 'off track' as it was considered he was ahead when he ran off and had left sufficient room for Kvyat to attack him again through turn three.

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It was a ruling supported by Christian Horner, who simply put it down to two young drivers jostling for position.

"It was good racing. It looked like a racing incident into turn one. I saw it was been reported to the stewards by Charlie but it is two youngsters going for it. They are racing, so they were both going for the same bit of tarmac. One cut the chicane, one didn't... we won't lose much sleep over tenth place."

Sainz had started fifth, but slipped down the order in the opening stages after a bad start, only to pass team-mate Max Verstappen and Kvyat in the closing laps.