Helmut Marko has made the first public indication that Red bull is actively seeking a future collaboration with Audi, but says no commitment from the manufacturer could prompt the former title-winning team to quit F1 alogether.

With the team struggling to replicate the form that took it to four consecutive world titles between 2010 and 2013, Red Bull has been deliberating its future in the sport, suggesting it could leave if it cannot return to competiveness.

Indeed, with Red Bull uncertain that current power unit partner Renault is capable of supplying a fast and reliable engine, attention has turned to whether it can potentially lure the VW Group into F1 as a replacement.

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Though the 'Audi to F1' rumour has swirled for several years, the recent reshuffle at the head of the company following the exit of Ferdinand Piech - who was staunchly against the idea of entering F1 - has raised speculation that the manufacturer may now reconsider its future in motorsport, with an Red Bull tie-up seemingly its most tempting entry point.

However, though Marko has now indicated to BBC Sport that it is an option Red Bull is pursuing, it is no confirmation that it could happen.

"There are so many rumours," he said. "Officially there was no request or talks. The VW Group first has to sort out who will be the new chief of support, who will run the brand of VW, and when they have sorted all these things maybe then they can think about what they are doing in motorsport."

Should Audi not commit, however, Marko has again suggested Red Bull will leave F1 if it cannot get back on terms with Mercedes and Ferrari.

"If we don't have a competitive engine in the near future, then either Audi is coming or we are out,"


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Audi would be crazy to get into a no winner move to F1 their biggest 2 problems in doing it would be to try and stop the cash bleeding of VW North America their cars are maintenance nightmares and America knows it ! the next problem would be to walk away from WEC true they are spending billions on that But they are winners and everyone wants to win LeMans !!!!! looks like one of their 6 cars will win this year don't ya think? why go to a no win loosing idea of F1 ? who cares? Honda will bleed big time on their move back all it's giving them is BIG BAD PR and millions going out the door for a program that looks to be more of a dud than Renault F1 has become the worst bore ever I was lucky to be sitting at turn 12 at Cota last year I looked down and saw the ONLY pass for the lead in the whole race ! 1 pass come on ! what excitement that was Evinrude outboard motors going around and around in formation .worse race I've ever seen going back to my first year Watkins Glen 1973