Maurizio Arrivabene says Ferrari must analyse why its latest update failed to muster a challenge against Mercedes in the Spanish Grand Prix, even if he says the new package is better.

Having taking the challenge to Mercedes in the first four rounds of the season, particularly in Malaysia and Bahrain, the first European event would see Ferrari attempt to bridge the remaining gap with a significant update to its SF15-T.

However, Ferrari instead found itself a comfortable margin adrift of Mercedes throughout the weekend, while Williams appeared closer behind it.

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Despite this, Arrivabene is certain the new updates weren't a failure, pointing out that Kimi Raikkonen's decision to revert to a non-updated car proved that the revised machine in Sebastian Vettel's hands was notably quicker.

"Compared to the other [older spec] - the car that Kimi was using - it was a step further," he said. "It is not enough to close the gap with Mercedes. Now we need to understand if it is related to this kind of track or if it is something we really need analyse in a very deep way.

"I don't want to point the finger on aero or engine and all of this, because otherwise we are creating the usual mess and everybody is freaking out left, right, up, down. We need to calm down and look at the numbers and take a decision and I promise you, if we made a mistake, we are going to tell you, pronto.

Despite this, Arrivabene says Ferrari needs to understand how to improve the package, saying it's half-second deficit through the final sector - which is reliant on mechanical grip - is a concern.

"The gap to Mercedes is there, however, and now we need to analyse all the data we collected to understand [where we are losing out]. What is clear, because we are not blind, is that in the last sector we were losing half a second and I am not escaping from the reality that is there. We need to understand and we need to find out how to improve the new package, but definitely the new package is better than the old one."