Oliver Turvey feels McLaren-Honda is heading in a 'good direction' after getting his first taste of the MP4-30 during in-season testing at the Circuit de Catalunya.

The Englishman, who has enjoyed a six-year association with the McLaren marque and is now driving for Honda in the Super GT series, was called up to drive the MP4-30 in Spain for a day as an opportunity to compare it to the simulator work he has done back at the factory.

Though his day was interrupted by sensor issues in the morning and a lengthy period to change settings on the car, he says he is encouraged by the progress shown from the car during his time in it.

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"This new direction I feel is a good direction," he said. "I think it makes the car more driveable and I think long-term it is a good direction. These concepts take time to develop and I am sure there is more potential in this package.

"It is exciting, for me as a test driver to be working with these engineers because there are quite a few engineers joining the team and new ideas and at the minute there is a lot of excitement and things to try. It has been an exciting year from a development point of view, so I think it has potential for the future."

Jenson Button will take over the car on the second and final day of the test.