Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg's relentless quest to out-perform one another 'lifts the performance' of the Mercedes team, says Toto Wolff.

Following a run of four consecutive defeats at the hands of his title-defending team-mate, Rosberg struck back in fine style during the Spanish Grand Prix with a dominant win from pole position.

Coming against the grain of indifferent form alongside Hamilton, Wolff dismissed the notion that Rosberg has turned his fortunes around, insisting both drivers remain 'strong' and the pendulum of momentum is constantly shifting.

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"They are mentally very strong, both of them and as much as we would like to find a dynamic that is pro or against the driver, they come out very strong. Even after a bad weekend or a defeat they come out very strong. We have seen it last year, we have spent time talking, is that now Nico on the run, has the balance swung towards him... we will probably see the same again this season.

Indeed, Wolff believes having two equally impressive drivers has the effect of improving the performance of the entire Mercedes team.

"Two drivers which are matching each other and trying to out-perform each other. As a team it I a good situation because it lifts the performance of the whole team, which is the best case."