Daniil Kvyat is hopeful that two days of testing at the Circuit de Catalunya will have gone some way to helping Red Bull Racing's current plight as F1 head for Monaco and Canada.

The Russian, still only in his second season in the top flight, has had his effectiveness in terms of development questioned by team-mate Daniel Ricciardo, but finds himself in a nightmare scenario as the four-time world champion team attempts to pick up the pieces of a campaign floored by Renault's lacklustre V6 and other reliability woes.

While Mercedes stretches away at the front of the field en route to adding another brace of titles to go with the pair it took last season, Red Bull and the rest of the field try to uncover the golden development that could help bridge the gap. Sadly for the Milton Keynes team, its latest path failed to produce the desired results, leaving Kvyat to pick up the final point, three places behind his team-mate, in the Spanish Grand Prix.

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"We were trying a few things and we will need to analyse really what happened," the Russian acknowledged, "At the moment, we need to go deeper through it, but hopefully a few things have been understood."

As a result, the chance for RBR to conduct two days of testing at the same circuit but away from the pressure of a race weekend provides a ray of hope for all concerned, even though, somewhat ironically, Kvyat was forced to hand over the lone RB11 to GP2 frontrunner Pierre Gasly, who had all of a day's prior F1 experience...

"It's very important," the former GP3 Series champion and Toro Rosso F1 driver said of the two-day Barcelona session, "We are so limited on Fridays, obviously a bit too much, so these kind of tests are very important for us. [They are] very, very important days because it's quite crucial to understand a few things, and for the team to get as much data as possible. My feedback will be very important and we will try to learn something strong out of it."