Raffaele Marciello has described the Ferrari and Sauber as 'two different levels of car' after getting a run with both teams during in-season testing at the Circuit de Catalunya.

A busy week for the Ferrari prot?g? after supplementing his full-time GP2 Series commitments with a Sauber FP1 run over Spanish Grand Prix weekend, before getting a day with the Swiss team on the first day of testing and another in the Ferrari on day two, Marciello admits jumping between cars has left him battered and bruised.

"I need to recover my body a bit from the injuries so if I go home my mum will think I go on track and fight with people because I'm all bruised but it's OK," he joked.

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Given the chance to drive the Sauber and Ferrari back-to-back, Marciello says it is difficult to compare the two.

"It is like two different levels of car. Sauber fight for something and Ferrari fight for something different. So it was difficult to compare the two cars because they are like two different levels but it is like most cars - they have good stuff and the team works really hard anyway and they always try to improve."