The latest round of talks between the F1 Strategy Group is due to take place, with emphasis on determining the direction of the sport in the coming years.

Several areas for discussion are set to be tabled and though it remains to be seen whether a clear picture of how the sport progresses beyond 2017 will emerge, the talks are expected to focus on ways to improve the spectacle and the show.

With Bernie Ecclestone airing his concerns that the current formula is not interesting enough amidst slipping TV audience figures in key markets, he has suggested a return to the day of 1000bhp V8s engines and an overhaul of car design.

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Though teams have been lukewarm to the idea of changing the fundamental regulations so soon after new rules were introduced at the start of 2014 to favour more efficient engines, it is believed a compromise over tweaks to the current hybrid units to put out 1000bhp could get a consensus. In the meantime, plans to up the engine allocation in 2015 from four to five is now expected to be rejected over scepticism from Mercedes on its intended use.

Further talks over the direction of car design, the ban of wind tunnels and whether to change the philosophy of the tyres as Pirelli's tender comes up for grabs is also likely to be brought up, notably a move to wider rear tyres.

Ways to cut costs across the sport continues to prompt debate without a clear solution, with Ecclestone himself suggesting a cheaper engine specification should be made available for customer teams.

Votes are split between the FOM, the FIA and the teams, though any proposal that gets passed to the F1 Commission will require unanimous agreement from the teams to get the green light, a hurdle that has been difficult to overcome in the past, even if there is indication from the teams that changes are required to entice audiences more.


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Anyone thinking that anything constructive will come out of this meeting is living in cloud-cuckoo land.

Self-interest will ensure that.

F1 is so far up it's own ar53hole only the soles of the feet can be seen.