Romain Grosjean says he takes great motivation from trying to reward the team members that have stuck with Lotus and continued to give their all during the occasionally turbulent years he has competed there.

The Frenchman began his relationship with the Enstone-based team during the latter half of 2009 when it competed as a full factory Renault outfit, before returning in 2012 when it had transitioned to compete under the more privateer Lotus brand.

Now in his fourth straight season with Lotus, Grosjean has persevered during periods of competitiveness, disappointing form and concerns over budget, not least a period in 2013 when team members couldn't be paid.

However, it is this determination from the aforementioned team members to continue giving their all that motivates Grosjean to keep pushing for them, particularly in 2015 as Lotus rediscovers some its competitiveness following a lean 2014.

"What matters to me is that people working in the team are proper racers and they want to try and win races and do the best and that's what the focus on," he told "Of course, you don't have this super-constructor, you don't have the money of Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull, but as well we are doing a good job.

"When we had a problem with 2013 when the employees were not paid and they were coming out of the race and they were there doing the pit stops, they were doing everything they could to make the car faster, it's the spirit of this team and the strength of the people. They're a really good group of people and they deserve to win races and to have more.

"It does [motivate me]. As long as you see that people you are working with are racers and the only goal is to go faster and faster and to improve, you know they are doing their best... That's what you want to see."


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