Christian Horner, Bob Fernley and Franz Tost have called on the FIA and FOM to overhaul the Strategy Group, suggesting the FIA and FOM takes greater control in laying down regulation changes.

Last week's Strategy Group was seen as a crunch meeting to determine the future direction of F1, with proposals put forward for consideration including the return of refueling, more tyre choice and making the cars both faster and louder.

However, with the teams being represented too, the Strategy Group has come under fire in the past for its failure to push through changes due to vested interests of those having a say, thus often preventing the agreements it needs to progress.

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With this in mind, Force India team principal Fernley struck out at a format that he says isn't 'fit for purpose', urging Bernie Ecclestone and Jean Todt to take a greater control in forcing through changes.

"I think that the problem I have is that I don't think the Strategy Group is fit for purpose and we should be looking at something where we have a clear programme that delivers results," he said. "We've have 18 months or two years of Strategy Group work with nothing coming out of it. I think we need to look at the system in a better way.

"In days gone by, with Max [Mosley] and Bernie in charge, there would be none of that. We would know exactly where we're going. I don't think you should have the teams making decisions on where Formula One should go. The teams should be told where Formula One is going."

It is a sentiment that Red Bull boss Horner and Toro Rosso manager Tost aligned with, saying the meetings have become predictable since it is very difficult to keep all of the teams unanimously happy.

"It's rather predictable," Horner said. "Bob's going to ask for more money, Toto [Wolff] is going to not want to change anything and we want to change engines. So every team has got its own agenda and it's going to fight its own corner. I think that the sport is governed by the FIA and it's promoted by FOM. It's those guys that need to get together and say 'what do we want Formula One to be?

"I think that the Strategy Group itself, with this constellation, never will come up with a proper solution," Tost added. "It should be Bernie and Jean together, they should decide what we have to do. They even should not ask the teams because the teams never will come up with an agreement."

Indeed, though Horner says there is still a place for a Strategy Group format, he suggests Ecclestone and Todt lay down rules and then challenge teams to submit their entry or walk away.

"The only thing the Strategy Group has unanimously agreed on and implemented this year is the fact that the drivers should wear the same crash helmet for the entire season. Is that a success of the group? Not really. Is it a worthwhile forum? I think it is - but I think the structure of how regulations are implemented, that's what we need to look at.

"I think the promoter, he's promoting the show, he's got to sell a product and that product's got to be appealing to the fans. The people around the world: what do they want? What do they want Formula One to be?

"Then as teams, as competitors, we have to abide by a set of regulations that the FIA should write. Sporting and technical. And at that point you have a choice: whether you want to be in or be out. But every year, the entry form comes out and we all sign on the dotted line."