Nico Rosberg says he is not blind to the factor luck played into his surprise win in the Monaco Grand Prix, but is nonetheless delighted to have notched up a third consecutive victory around the Principality.

The German looked on course to finish a relatively distant second behind his Lewis Hamilton, but was elevated to the lead during a late safety car period when his Mercedes team-mate was unexpectedly brought into the pit-lane for a change of tyres.

With an apparent miscalculation seeing Hamilton return to the track behind Rosberg and Sebastian Vettel, the German took full advantage of the clear track ahead at the resumption of action to reel off his unexpected win.

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A vital win for his championship hopes having now reduced the lead to the front to ten points, though Rosberg admits Hamilton deserved the win, the German was happy to extend his Monte Carlo run to join Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost by winning three races in Monaco.

"I am very, very happy of course, but I know there was a lot of luck today," Rosberg conceded, "Lewis drove brilliantly and he would have deserved the win for sure. That is the way it is, it's racing. I am extremely happy and I am going to make the most of it."

Asked whether he was aware of the moves being made in the pit-lane that eventually cost Hamilton victory, the German admitted that he was just focused on his own race.

"I have no idea, sorry," he said, "As always, it is very difficult to judge what decisions are being made. We didn't discuss pitting at the end, but it was quite treacherous out there with those hard tyres."


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As a talented team leader he should have made the call to stay out, he lost his own race. HE has that responsibility to make that decision too.