Felipe Nasr feels his unexpected run to the points in the Monaco Grand Prix is testament to the decision to promote him to an F1 drive in 2015.

The Brazilian has enjoyed a positive start to his first year in F1, scoring points in Australia and China, though he had signalled more pessimism for upcoming races as Sauber's development rate begins to slow.

Indeed, when Nasr went on to qualify a lowly 16th, he didn't expect to feature close to the points around the street circuit. However, the youngster would keep his nose clean and slowly ascend at the expense of others to cross the line in ninth.

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An emotional result for Nasr, particularly given his modest expectations, he says the points are a 'like a victory' for Sauber.

"I'm really, really happy, I can't explain how happy I am right now," he said. "The result is a big surprise and I am physically in pain because there is no margin for mistake on this race and we have to keep focus all of the time. Then there is no better feeling than scoring your first points in Monaco.

"This season is more than I was expecting. I wasn't this result today and the team wasn't expecting this result today, so we are having a profiting season. We have to be happy and I think I am proving why I am in F1. These points are like a victory to us."