Lewis Hamilton will brush off his agonising loss of victory in the Monaco Grand Prix, despite seeing his an almost certain win handed to title rival Nico Rosberg due to a Mercedes tactical error.

Though Hamilton has retained a relatively calm demeanour in the wake of the loss - prompted when Mercedes called him in for a late pit stop during a safety car period despite having track advantage -, the error is likely to prompt an internal investigation.

In the meantime, Hamilton has seen his lead slashed to 10 points by eventual winner Rosberg heading to the seventh round of the season in Canada.

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Despite the set-back, Wolff remains confident that Hamilton - who signed a new three-year deal with Mercedes over the Monaco GP weekend - has the 'mental strength' to move on quickly.

"He has such a mental strength and he is on a roll. It must be very sore to lose this one because it is his to win, but I have no doubt that he will recover as quickly as he always did."

Wolff went on to dispel the notion that there is 'favouritism' towards a German driver winning instead of Hamilton.

"We have a championship leader, which is Lewis, and we had Nico running in No.2 on the track, and believe me there is no such thing as favouritism in this team for whatever reason."