Bernie Ecclestone has criticised Nico Rosberg, Sebastian Vettel and Toto Wolff as 'bad for business' in F1, reiterating that Lewis Hamilton is the sport's 'best champion in a long time'.

The F1 supremo has in the past made no secret of his personal preference for Hamilton as F1's figurehead having previously criticised four-time champion Vettel during his reign of dominance between 2010 and 2013.

It is a view that he similarly shares about Hamilton's Mercedes team-mate and key title rival Rosberg, insisting Hamilton's penchant for chasing celebrity status makes him the better promoter of the sport.

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"Generally I still believe that Lewis is the best champion that we have had in a long, long time," he told the official F1 website in an 'interview' between himself and Rosberg. "He manages to get to all different walks of life: red carpet, fashion business, and music - you name it. That is not your [Nico's] fault or his. You two are just very different characters.

"When it comes to F1 I am a huge Lewis fan because he is a super promoter of the sport," he continued. "From a pure business aspect - sorry Nico if I have to say this - you are not so good for my business."

Despite the vocal dismissal of his commercial potential, Rosberg remains unconcerned by Ecclestone's frank assertion, accepting he and Hamilton have different approaches.

"Bernie is the commercial rights holder so the more outgoing the champion is, the better. Of course. I also do think about our sport and want to make an effort - but in my own way. I am Nico and not Lewis!"

Ecclestone didn't spare his wrath for just Rosberg, however, with Vettel and even Mercedes team boss Wolff receiving criticism as 'unrecognisable'.

"Sebastian (Vettel) is also not doing much for F1. People hardly recognise him on the street. Also the team principals should be more prominent. Take away Toto Wolff's Mercedes shirt and send him down a street - nobody would recognise him."


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When Vettel is still winning in RBR, It look like Bernie would adopt Vettel as they were very close and in one instance if I am not mistaken Vettel even flew with Bernie on his private plane.. Not he is bad for business. We all have to thank Bernie for what he has done to F1, but recently he is kinda irritating, and I think its time to go and let others manage F1. At his age, what is he planning? to earn more millions until he die? if that so then he is a little greedy mother f*ck.