Toto Wolff has suggested Lewis Hamilton made the initial call that he wanted to pit for new tyres in the closing stages of the Monaco Grand Prix, but maintains the erroneous decision was still ultimately the fault of Mercedes.

Hamilton was seemingly on for a certain victory having established large lead over Nico Rosberg and Sebastian Vettel with 14 laps to go, but the arrival of the safety car would see Hamilton pit despite his track advantage in the belief that the two cars behind would do the same.

With a miscalculation in data seeing Hamilton return to the circuit just behind the non-pitting Rosberg and Vettel, the defending champion couldn't make the newer tyres work around the tight circuit and would be forced to finish a visibly disgruntled third behind his main rivals.

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However, while Mercedes' strategic blunder has subsequently come under scrutiny, Wolff has gone on record saying the team initially told Hamilton to stay out, only for the driver to return with saying 'not good'. As such, Hamilton was called in, only to find a problem with the timing data made his lead seem more comfortable than it was.

"We told him to stay out," Wolff said in a fan Q&A on Twitter. "Lewis said "not good" and that the tyres had lost temperature. We had one second to react and, combined with our wrong timing data, we made the mistake of calling him in. We're not happy about the situation itself & therefore there was no such thing as happiness about that incident."

Wolff also gave more insight into the decision-making process to bring Hamilton in, putting much of the onus on the incorrect timing data.

"We believed we could make a free stop to cover risk of cars behind on SuperSoft. Unfortunately our data was wrong. You need the right balance between data and gut feeling. Our tools told us we had the gap but they were wrong. Under Safety Car you need 12 secs gap to maintain position. Our system showed us that we had that gap."