Nico Rosberg said he still expected to see Lewis Hamilton coming through for victory in the Monaco Grand Prix, but admits he was surprised to see him pit at all.

Hamilton's late stop under the safety car in the Monaco Grand Prix cost him an almost certain victory after he returned to the circuit in third place and just eight laps to make up gains around the tightest track on the calendar.

Indeed, Rosberg was alarmed to find himself coming around to the safety car in the lead, but even then he was convinced the newer tyres of Hamilton would still see him come through for the win.

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"For me stopping wasn't on my mind at all because it was only a couple of laps to go, so I didn't consider it," the Mercedes driver said. "I was very surprised then to see the safety car and not see Lewis. It was a big surprise to me and I was like 'where the hell did he go!?'

"All of a sudden I see what seemed to me like wheel banging under a safety car, fighting for position behind me between a Mercedes and Ferrari! I was like 'what the hell is going on there?'

"At that time I still thought Lewis would win, because coming out with fresh super-softs while we were on stone cold, 40-lap old tyres... it was going to be a massive mission not to hit the wall at the restart. It felt treacherous out there, so I still thought he was going to come through and it would be a big battle, but one that he would win.

"But of course I went for it, the temperature came back quick, and I was doing some good lap times and just pushing."