Christian Horner believes Red Bull's positive turn of form in the Monaco Grand Prix is testament to the strength of the chassis itself.

Champions between 2010 and 2013, Red Bull's tough start to the 2015 season has been well documented, with Horner laying much of the fault at power unit supplier Renault for its failure to provide a reliable or competitive engine.

Indeed, though Daniel Ricciardo has previously hinted that the limitations of the engine are not the only problems facing Red Bull, Horner feels the Monaco Grand Prix - which saw Daniil Kvyat and Ricciardo finish fourth and fifth - suggested otherwise.

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"Obviously this track is the least power sensitive of all the tracks on the calendar and I think we've managed to optimise what we've got and doing a good job getting the best out of that side of the package.

"Fourth and fifth with two Mercedes and a Ferrari ahead of us, then we beat a Ferrari fair and square - is as good as we could really hope for.

"There's never been anything fundamentally wrong with the chassis although, of course, we're always looking to improve. We've come here and managed to run maximum downforce, not compromise anything on the downforce, and we've seen some of the chassis' potential."


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Horner may be right about th chassis but the Aero of the Redbull may be the bigger problems. It was highlighted in Catalunya when Torro Rosso performed better with the same engine. Come on Horner/Newey, for once admit a mistake, pride is killing Redbull and they assume that every creation of Newey will be aerodynamically superior, maybe Newey made a mistake or there is no more Peter Prodromou to assist him, we don't know, but definitely its not all Renault fault.