Daniel Ricciardo says he is confident Red Bull will return to its best soon enough, brushing off any assertions that he will be looking to leave the team in the near future.

In his first season for the Red Bull Racing team, Ricciardo emerged as the break-out star of the 2014 season, winning three races en route to third in the overall standings as the only driver to provide a convincing challenge to the might of Mercedes.

With Red Bull struggling to get on terms with Mercedes, Ferrari and often Williams in 2015 however, Ricciardo was questioned on whether these troubled times will prompt him to look elsewhere going forward.

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However, though Ricciardo - who has raced with Red Bull backing since 2008 - admits he is not satisfied battling in the lower half of the top ten, his confidence in the team means he isn't considering any alternatives for the time being.

"Obviously I'm not content to be coming seventh or eighth place but I know the team isn't as well," he said. "I know the team isn't going to keep running around in this position for the next year or two years.

"So I think for everyone we want to win, obviously I've had the taste of victory, the team has as well, so I think on both sides we're not happy with where we're running, that's clear. But it won't stay like this for much longer."

Ricciardo is currently seventh in the overall standings with a best result of fifth place at the Monaco Grand Prix.