FIA president Jean Todt says there are no plans to enforce a ban on alcohol sponsorship in Formula 1, despite increasing pressure from a European health organisation.

The European Alcohol Policy Alliance (known as Eurocare) released a scathing report over the Monaco Grand Prix weekend that criticised the sport for the visible promotion of alcohol in a racing championship that otherwise advocates 'don't drink and drive' campaigns through its 'Action for Road Safety' initiative.

With prominent alcohol sponsorship across three teams - Williams (Martini), McLaren (Johnnie Walker) and Force India (Smirnoff, Kingfisher) -, the report claimed these brands were therefore visible 'every 5 seconds', which it suggests is at odds with the FIA's official stance.

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With alcohol considered a big contributor to the sport, particularly in the wake of the ban on tobacco advertising, Todt says it is outside the FIA's jurisdiction to block it, but reiterates the organisation's commitment to educating.

"The use of advertising for alcohol is not linked to the FIA," Todt told International Transport Forum in Leipzig. "It's linked to each singular country. I'm completely against and advocating against drinking and driving, but each country needs to make his own job.

"You cannot ban alcohol, it is not possible, but you can educate people not to drink and drive. So we are working very closely on that because we know it is an essential topic to be addressed."

Eurocare's report suggested the matter has previously been raised with Todt personally, but that he 'claimed no responsibility for the matter'.

"The amount of alcohol related exposure in F1 settings is extreme by anyone's standards," said Mariann Skar, Eurocare secretary general. "There seems to be a lack of recognition within the F1 community about their responsibility when showing alcohol adverts every five seconds to an audience of 500 million viewers. We now urge the involved bodies in F1 to move away from alcohol sponsorship."


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Are this shower trying to tell us that the alcohol advertising on the cars makes them want to drink and drive? If not then they are hypocrites. Write your own answer!