Christian Horner has come out in support of Daniil Kvyat following his run to fourth place in the Monaco Grand Prix having come into the event under increasing pressure from Red Bull to return better results.

Comments made by Helmut Marko, Red Bull's head of driver development, in which he was critical of Kvyat's performance so far in 2015 lingered over the Russian coming into the Monaco round, only for him to qualify fifth and finish fourth around the street circuit.

A big personal best for Kvyat having finished no higher than ninth in any other race, Horner was delighted to see the youngster respond with a trouble-free and strong performance over the Monaco weekend.

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"I think it was a great race for Kvyat," he said. "He had a good start and his pace was good in the race. He delivered when he needed to and he managed to tyres extremely well. It's his best finish so far in F1 and he's had a very positive weekend."

Indeed, Horner played down Marko's words, saying he 'calls things as they are' and defended Kvyat, insisting he has simply been unfortunate in the opening rounds.

"Helmut's always called things as they are and I think that Daniil Kvyat's had a tough run so far. Things haven't gone cleanly on his side of the garage, he's had some good races and he's had some times that he's struggled with.

"But he's young, he's developing all the time. We can see a great deal of potential in him, you can see it even in that last wet run at the end of P2. He's going to mature and develop."

Horner went on to relay a story involving Marko and former Red Bull driver Mark Webber as an example of his typical candidness.

"Helmut's always had a habit of calling things as they are. I recall going back to Mark Webber's time... After this race in 2010 we went to Turkey. As we know, Mark and Helmut didn't always see eye to eye and they (Mark and Sebastian) had that crash in Turkey.

"We ended up back in my office and it was an opportunity, I said to Mark, to get everything out, address your issues with Helmut. And I said to Helmut before the meeting, whatever he says, take it on the chin and agree. And so Mark went through all the issues that he had, told him what had pissed him off about Helmut.

"Helmut took it on board and said 'yes, OK, I agree, OK' and then he said 'anyway, the next race in Valencia is very important to us and you've always been shit in Valencia!' And Mark, thankfully, saw the funny side but it explains some of the straight talking that Helmut tends to have."


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Helmut Marko comes across as a nasty man, who makes unfair comments on drivers, struggling with poor cars, ignore the man, !!!