Cyril Abiteboul says Renault's pressing priority is to improve its performance in F1, rather than make any firm decisions about its future in the sport.

In the wake of its increasingly strained relationship with primary customer Red Bull Racing (and subsequently the sister Toro Rosso team), Renault has revealed that it is considering alternative strategies, which range from staying on as an engine supplier, purchasing an existing team to become a full factory outfit, or withdraw altogether.

Despite the disparity in its options, Abiteboul says there is no timeframe for a decision to be made, saying Renault remains focused on improving its current performance for 2015 and 2016 before its contracts conclude at the end of next year.

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"We have no deadline, no rush. I think right now the deadline and the big target is to get engine under control, both from reliability and performance perspectives. Once this is done we can secure some longer-term stuff.

"I'm sure right now this is a concern for our customer - will we be capable of dealing with the regulation, with dealing with the trouble that we have right now? So, I think this is a concern for them, this is a concern also for us, so this is what we have to address in priority before thinking about anything else."

Toro Rosso and Force India have been earmarked as potential targets for a Renault buy-out, though the former would need to require the support of Red Bull, which is potentially deemed unlikely until it sources its own new power unit supplier.